Martha Bersier was born and raised in Switzerland. From an early age, her parents described her as “a little woman”, trying on her mother’s clothes in front of the mirror.

A real globe trotter, having lived in London and Hong Kong and with her current residence in the beautiful metropolitan city of Geneva she has had the opportunity to see the world and expand her culture and traditions. Her desire has always been to create her own business, capable of enclosing in it her passion.

In 2018 Marber Events was founded with the desire to put all her ideas and creativity at the service of clients for the organization of memorable events. True beauty lies in bringing dreams to life; to create breathtaking experiences that inspire, amaze, and seduce. Our goal is to work hand in hand with our clients to design and execute an experience that surpasses what they ever imagined was possible.

Relationships are created on trust and knowledge, in life as in work, which is why each event is designed, studied, and customized according to the client and who becomes the reference point for the entire Marber Events team. We aim to leave each client with memories they will cherish forever.

With five languages under her belt, coupled with her five years in the events industry, allows her to execute highly personalized events worldwide. Having experience in weddings, private parties, corporate events, and Charity Galas; there is no opportunity that she would not seize with enthusiasm.

Here at Marber Events, our goal is to go beyond your wildest dreams. Will you be the next?

Our values


Marber Events stands out for its unique expertise and dedication to perfection. We are commited to deliver personalized event experiences that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our quest for perfection is highlighted because we pay attention to every detail. Moreover, we carefully select our own parteners and suppliers to guarantee flawless reliability and ethics.


We prioritize clear, responsive, and transparent exchanges to ensure that every piece of information is spread effectively. By fencing an open and honest dialogue, we ensure that our events are not only successful but also meet our clients’ expectations. The fluidity of our communication allows us to anticipate and quickly resolve challenges to answer any requests.


We manifest honesty and authenticity in all our actions, making sure that we meet the needs and expectations of our clients. This approach guarantees that each decision is made with careful consideration, building trustful relationships. Our integrity is reflected in services and experiences that genuinely represent the unique identity of each event.


At Marber Events, every interaction is built on trust. We are committed to being consistent and sincere, fostering a climate of trust at every stage of our partership. Our transparency and reliability enbale us to build strong connections with our clients and parteners, securing exceptional events.

Commitment 100 %

Your satisfaction is our priority: we strive to make sure that every detail of your event is outstanding. We put passion and determination into every project to ensure a memorable success. By honoring our agreements, we create special experiences that enhance our clients and parteners’ loyalty and happiness.


At Marber Events, passion is our driving force. Every project is an adventure where our enthusiasm and creativity transform ideas into unforgettable experiences. We approach each event with remarkable intensity, constantly striving to innovate and raise our standards. This unwavering passion pushes us to exceed the limits of excellence, creating memorable events for all our clients.